Bruce’s Bio

Bruce McDuffee is a professional and progressive marketer who specializes in content marketing implementation and execution.  Bruce has more than 23 years marketing and sales experience in a wide range of business situations from start-up to global enterprise.  His experience includes field sales, graphic design, marketing execution and marketing production.  He is a proven expert in driving growth with a combination of marketing automation and content marketing.  Bruce is a super-user and administrator on the Eloqua platform.  An MBA graduate from Northeastern University specializing in Marketing and International Management, he is an astute business professional.  This powerful combination of modern marketing and business acumen has proven highly successful in leveraging the modern tools, strategies and tactics best-in-class companies use to gain market share and boost growth rates.

Fresh out of college, Bruce was commissioned in the United States Navy serving as a Division Officer in the Engineering and Operations departments aboard USS Brewton stationed at Pearl Harbor.  Following his tour in the Navy, he moved into the business world where a passion for the sales and marketing world took hold.

In the past 6 years, content marketing has been his passion.  As the Global Marketing Director for a multinational electronics manufacturing company, Bruce was able to grow his business division by 11%, 19% and 32% in subsequent years through applying a content marketing strategy in combination with marketing automation.

Bruce lives in Colorado with his wife and children.  He enjoys road-biking and photography outside the office.


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