The Huge Opportunity for Manufacturing Companies

Are You Missing This Opportunity?

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Guest Expert:  Tom Repp, CEO and Owner, The Repp Group

Answers and discussion addressing these questions:

  1. Why is there a huge opportunity for manufacturing marketers and their organizations?
  2. Could you provide a couple of real life examples?
  3. You wrote a post on your Market Pipeline blog titled “Why Understanding Content Saturation is a Bonanza for Industrial Marketers”, could you summarize this idea of content saturation and why it is a potential bonanza?
  4. You’ve mentioned content marketing a few times, I think most of our listeners may have heard the term, but are not sure about the definition.  Could you give us your definition of content marketing?
  5. In your Industrial marketing consulting practice, are you seeing a big uptake in content marketing and the other types of marketing we’ve been talking about today?

Challenge Question – submitted by Anonymous

  • Our website traffic has been steadily declining over the past 6 months and everyone is freaking out about it.  We’re not sure why this is happening,  could you give a couple of ideas about what we should investigate?


  1. Content marketing works, but it’s hard and it’s worth getting some outside help.
  2. Take advantage of the huge opportunity by embracing modern marketing strategy and tactics; SEO, content marketing and marketing automation.
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