The Biggest Problem with Webinars and How You Can Fix It

sweet spotWhen I talk to marketers who have tried webinars, most of them tell me webinars don’t work very well as a marketing tactic.  They further explain the biggest problem is that not enough people sign up and even fewer people show up at the live broadcast.  In other words, they devote time and money to creating, producing and broadcasting the webinar, but only a handful of people register.  I have also experienced this disappointment with webinars before I learned the secret to getting hundreds, and in a few cases, thousands of people to sign up and show up for my webinars.

Just to be clear, the biggest problem with webinars is that not enough people sign up and/or show up to your webinars.

There are only 3 things you need to focus on in order to fix the biggest problem with webinars.  As you peruse the list, you may be inclined to think that you did focus on these 3 things when you created your own disappointing webinars, but I guarantee that if you aren’t getting significant registrations (at least 300+) you didn’t really focus on the audience.  Here’s how you can fix the biggest problem with webinars and get hundreds or thousands of registrants for your webinars:

  1. Choose a topic that helps the people in your target audience to relieve a pain or improve on a passion.  The single biggest problem with webinars is that you choose a topic about your company or your product.1   Typically, the goal of most webinars is to improve awareness and fill the top of the sales funnel.  With that goal in mind, you MUST choose a topic that matters to your audience.  Until they are in a position to purchase the thing which you want to sell,  they don’t care about your company or your product.  This is a huge opportunity for a savvy marketer who is able to find a topic that lies at the intersection of a pain or passion common to the target audience and a unique expertise that is embedded within your company mission.  Check out this post for more insight into how to choose such a topic that excites and compels the people in your target audience to sign up for your webinars in droves.
  2. Most webinars fail because they we-we all over themselves.  No, it isn’t what you think.  By we-weing all over themselves, I mean the topic, the presenter and nearly every slide is about the company, product or presenter.  You see and hear a lot first person pronouns like ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, ‘I’.  Let me reiterate what I said in point #1,  your audience doesn’t care about you, your company or your product.  They care about themselves, their pain or their passion.  A good webinar is audience focused.  You should be talking about the audience and the pain or passion that you have identified.  The bottom line is that if your webinar helps the people in your target audience to be better at something they care about, then it’s a winner!
  3. Promotion.  Even if you do choose a topic that is relevant to the target audience and create a webinar that is laser focused on the audience, it won’t draw a large number of registrants without a solid promotion plan.  In spite of what your sales people think,  unless you are a large market consumer brand or in an oligarchical market like commercial airliners, your brand, company and products are not really well-known within your target market.  You have to tell them about your webinar.  You have to tell them about how your webinar will help them relieve some pain or enhance a passion.  Promote your webinar in venues where the people in your target audience go or congregate for information.  And, don’t forget to promote and/or invite your house database and/or customer database.  For maximum benefit, you need to promote to your house list and to your larger target audience who may not already know about your company.

If you focus on these 3 areas, you will solve the biggest problem with webinars.

Need help getting started?  Call KMI and we’ll be happy to take a look at past webinars, make suggestions and even produce a turn-key webinar series customer tailored for your target audience.

Note 1.  The only instance that a product or company focused webinar is appropriate is to target very small groups of prospective customers who happen to be in the final stages of making their decision.


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