Brand New Manufacturing Survey Results from CMI

 Content Marketing Institute (CMI) just release the results of their latest survey titled, ‘B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing: 2014 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America’.  You can view it and download it here.

I was even mentioned in the blog post as one who considers Manufacturing Marketers as laggards when it comes to modern marketing.  I stand by my assessment and I submit to you, my loyal readers, that the CMI survey data supports my opinion.  Keep in mind I’m not saying manufacturing marketers are bad, only that they are slow to embrace modern marketing ideas, strategies and tactics.  One of which is clearly content or knowledge marketing.  For example:

  • 21% of manufacturing marketers (MM) claim to have a documented content strategy as compared to 44% of B2B marketers overall.  I suspect if one were to ask this same group if they have a documented marketing plan, the number would be similar.
  • One glaring result on page 13 of the survey is that MM place thought leadership and lead management/nurturing at the bottom of the list of goals for content marketing.  This tells me that they do not understand the power of Knowledge Marketing and how these goals lead to more engagement and more revenue among both new and existing customers.
  • The fact that MM consider ‘producing the kind of content that engages’ as the number 2 challenge (only behind lack of time) indicates that MM do not really know what will engage with their audience.  62% of MM as compared to 47% of B2B marketers overall chose this challenge.
  • ‘Inability to measure effectiveness’ was the number 3 challenge at 48% for MM and 33% for B2B overall.

The information is very interesting and points to a HUGE opportunity for any manufacturer who can get up to speed fast with an effective Content or Knowledge Marketing strategy.


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