How Would You Like to Triple Your Organic Growth Rate?

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How would you like to triple your organic growth rate?  I’ve been successful at developing and implementing a strategic marketing framework that does exactly that, triples your organic growth rate.  This method works extremely well for global manufacturing companies.  I can make this happen at your company.  

Here’s the secret:  “Stop pitching products and start educating”
At this point, you are probably thinking, is this guy for real?   The answer is yes.  You’re probably also asking yourselves three questions:
  1. How does it work?
  2. Will it work for my company?
  3. Could this guy really pull it off and move the needle on top line growth

How does it work? 
This is why product marketing fails where educational marketing sails. 
You choose your target audience because you believe that some day they will buy what you are selling, correct?  If we look at the entire population, on any one day when they see your product ad, they will take an action if they are at a very specific point; BANT budget, authority, need and time-frame.  This is a very small portion of the population (<1%).  But, let’s suppose 80% will be faced with a problem that you can help them solve.  On any given day, they are struggling with the problem.  If I promote something like a webinar or a how-to paper that helps them address that problem, I have a much greater chance of them engaging with my asset and my brand.  This engagement leads to a top of mind awareness and credibility as they get to know my company, brand, experts, etc.  Then, when the day comes along and they have BANT, who do they think of?  They think of your company.  This is a huge competitive edge.  That’s why this framework grows your business.  That’s the foundation.
Could I get the same great results for your company?  Yes, absolutely, it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. You have expertise and a good product.  All you need to do is help those in your target audience improve in some way as a result of your expertise.  They engage with you, remember you and trust you.  This leads to purchase in many more cases than if you promote a product as your main marketing focus.
If I were to hire this guy as my VP Marketing, could he pull it off? 
When I was a marketing manager at a $380 million dollar global electronics company,  annual growth rates in my divisions were between 6 and 8% with about 3 to 5% attributable to price increases.  They were pitching product features hard with the main tactic being print ads pushing the product features in more than 37 different magazine publications.  I applied this idea of knowledge marketing.  We stopped pitching products and we began educating the audience.  Year 1 of the education marketing strategy saw an 11% organic growth rate, year 2 saw 19% and year 3 saw 32%.

“Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

If you want to triple your growth rates, remember this “Educational Marketing Sails where Product Marketing Fails”

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