The Marketing Journey to a Modern Manufacturing Marketing Function

Marketing journey

The Marketing Journey to a Modern Manufacturing Marketing Function

Suppose you’re a brand new VP Marketing for Acme Corp.  You arrive on the job and after assessing your inherited Marketing function, you realize Acme is marketing like it’s 1999.  As a progressive marketer, you know 1990’s marketing won’t cut it in this modern age.  As you embark upon your marketing journey to update the Acme Marketing Function to a Modern Marketing 2.0 powerhouse, picture yourself on a marketing journey through the hallways or cube maze touching base with each of these offices.  These may not be actual offices, but they are all critical epicenters within any organization that must be embraced and made real in order for Modern Marketing 2.0 to deliver revenue and cement your Marketing function as a revenue engine at Acme.

Who knows, maybe your success places you in line to be the next CEO.


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