Learn how to grow your manufacturing business with Modern Marketing 2.0

You’re under pressure from owners, the board of directors, shareholders, Wall Street and others to grow your manufacturing business. You’ve tried increasing spend on R&D, commissioning market research studies, customer satisfaction surveys, changed out business unit leadership, and any number of other schemes to push your products in order to increase revenue. Nothing seems to work. You target 5% to 8% growth year-on-year, but you only seem to be able to deliver 1% to 3% at best. Your sales team seems to be in a reactive mode and they’re missing deals in spite of the high dollar sales management system you brought in last year.
Times have changed. At one time your products were unmatched in the marketplace. But now, due to massive globalization in all markets, your product has become commoditized easily available from any number of competitors around the globe.
Your customers have changed their buying habits but you haven’t changed your go-to-market model.
This book is about how to match your go-to-market model to your customer’s buying habits enabling growth and taking market share from your competitors with a marketing framework I call ‘Modern Marketing 2.0’.



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