Book – Billion Dollar Lessons

Great book review Vanessa!

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lessonsOh – it is a wonderful and rather humbling read 🙂  As the authors emphasize, people do make mistakes and we need to learn from these mistakes (particularly those that seem to be part of our nature 😉 ).  These mistakes were made by people…  by very smart people.  Many of these mistakes can be avoided – 46% .  Other mistakes can be mitigated.

A very good point for people who may not be at the level of the organization that allow make any actions about the mistake – recognizing the mistake may help us to associate ourselves with the projects that are more likely to succeed and invest our energy there.  It would be more beneficial for the company and for the person.

Business failures have a repeated pattern.  These are usually not the execution mistakes (as many people believe), but rather strategy mistakes, when flawless execution can not…

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  1. Bruce, thank you! This is a great book – highly recommend 🙂

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