Have You Ever Heard of Marketing 2.0?

You’ve probably heard of Web 2.0 or Sales 2.0 which generally means a newer, updated, more effective framework.  I’m introducing Marketing 2.0 defined as: 
  • A revenue generator.  A revenue engine for the business. 
  • A strategic partner providing high value in aligning modern marketing strategy, tools and teams to the business goals. 
  • Metrics obsessed to ensure it is known what works great, what works OK, what does not work and what has failed in order to optimize and iterate for the absolute growth. 
  • A high value, clean and comprehensive database from which to market, cross sell, up sell and analyze. 
  • Maintains a website designed to have a conversation with visitors, deliver relevant dynamic content tailored to the visitor. 
  • Strategic positioning, value propositions that resonated, messaging about the customer’s needs. 
  • Tactics that funnel large numbers of qualified leads who are ready, willing and able to buy. 
  • Producing high value, useful, helpful marketing material, events and activities engaging early in the purchasing process. 
  • Understands technology, fully leveraging technology for efficient and scalable marketing activities.

If you’re not there already, it can be a very difficult journey.  The rewards, however, will be huge!
Check out this Prezi for a bit more detail about the Journey to Marketing 2.0.



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