Epic Content Marketing in Action

I love this Volvo ad.  It evokes a number of emotions that most of us subconsciously tie to the reliability of Volvo trucks .  The ad is about the stunt, not about the product.   This video has been viewed 43,560,622 times as of this writing!  People remember it.  I guarantee that anyone who happens to be in the position to influence the purchase of a commercial freight liner will shortlist Volvo and possess an inherent bias towards the reliability of the Volvo truck line.
Anyone who watches it first says “Wow” then says “Is it real?” It’s real baby!  There is very little mention of the product until the very end.  If you consciously think about it, we, as humans, will attach these emotions to the Volvo brand.  The video creates extremely high credibility for the Volvo truck and places the Volvo truck brand and product top-of-mind, perhaps, for years to come.
Granted, a small portion of the 43 million views are from the target audience.  However, there are also thousands of people among the viewers who will influence the purchase of a commercial truck over the next few years.
To borrow a phrase from Joe Pulizzi of Content Marketing Institute, in my opinion, this is epic content marketing!

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