Content Marketing – a bunch of crap?

I ran across this Slideshare presentation this morning. It seems like a large one with 50 slides, but it’s a quick read. The basic message is that so-called ‘content marketing’ is a tidal wave of crap about to overtake the so called ‘content consumers’ and create a huge backlash. Why? Because most of the companies trying to capitalize on the content marketing craze are so self-focused, they miss the point. What’s the point you ask? The point is to provide content that is informational and educational (built on your unique expertise) that helps the people in your target audience do their ‘thing’ better. If you get it right, their ‘thing’ will ultimately need something you have for sale. Why is it so hard if it sounds so simple? I think the answer there is that content by itself will not do much for your business. It requires a strong foundation of fundamental marketing strategy, an effective and efficient delivery system and a measurement (or feedback) component. These pieces usually require a drastic change in marketing and sometimes corporate culture. We all know how hard it is to change, thus, I believe this is one of the difficulties in achieving an effective content marketing program.

Thank you to Velocity Partners for putting together this great slide deck.


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