Thanks Seth Godin

I have never been a big fan of Seth Godin.  Some of the stuff I read, for example, ‘Meatball Sundae’, I just said ‘meh’.

But I was recently inspired by one of his podcasts called ‘Seth Godin’s Startup School’.   I was listening to it with my usual open-minded cynicism and I was pleasantly surprised.  I looked up his web page, there he is, a funny looking bald guy with yellow glasses.  Disclaimer:  I happen to be a funny looking bald guy too, so I feel it’s ok to make fun of funny looking bald guys.  I looked over some of his blog posts and I saw this one that inspired me (see below). 

So thanks Seth Godin for this blog post:

You already have permission.  Just saying.

You have permission to create, to speak up, and stand up.
You have permission to be generous, to fail, and to be vulnerable.
You have permission to own your words, to matter and to help.
No need to wait.

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