The worst ad ever?

It was a quiet Saturday morning.  I made some fresh coffee and settled down to read the morning paper.  Since I live in Boulder, my morning paper is the Denver Post.  We, as professional marketers, typically look at advertisements with a critical idea and with an eye to borrowing any good ideas or concepts.  Many of the ads you may see are pretty bad and appear to have been created and designed by someones teenager who just figured out how to use Photoshop.

Yesterday morning, I think I stumbled across the worst ad ever.

What do you think?  Would this ad compel you to run out and purchase a new mattress?  The connection between major accidents Exxon Valdez, Challenger and Chernobyl and promoting a new mattress is laughable.  Study after study has proven that fear-based messaging and advertising does not work to grow a business.   I can’t imagine what is going through the head or heads of the group or person designing this ad.

What do you suppose their positioning statement might sound like?  Even a statement like “Our mattresses save lives” would be better than this headline.  Albeit still a laughable message.

HA!  Come on Urban Mattress, take a Marketing 101 course so you don’t embarrass yourself further.


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