More on Content Marketing – Seminars and Webinars

Content marketing is here to stay. It is the enlightened way to market.  Seminars (a live training or teaching session) and webinars may or may not be an important piece of the content puzzle depending on the content.  Before you, my fellow Modern Marketer, become all excited and eager to put on your first seminar or webinar, carefully consider your content.

I worked for a company where the concept of webinars (a web based virtual seminar) came up in one of our sales meetings and the idea was eagerly embraced.  Naturally, when the sales manager asked, “who will present it?” the room was silent.  We finally coerced one of the application engineers into presenting.  Next question, “what will we present?” was bandied about.  There was no end to ideas such as a presentation about the newest wizbang measurement instrument or the latest service offering or the old standby best seller product presentation.  These are natural choices for the product focused sales team.  We settled on the newest wizbang instrument.  Long story to a short one; 12 people signed up for the webinar and 2 showed up.  Conclusion: webinars don’t work.

A couple of years later, I became the marketing manager and re-introduced the idea of webinars.  Not so surprisingly, the sales manager stuck to his story, “we tried that, webinars don’t work”.  In spite of the lingering failure that seemed to have molded the thought process, I forged ahead with the webinar idea with one HUGE difference; this webinar would not be about a product. It would be built around our core competence of accurate and reliable measurement.  Another long story short, this webinar attracted more than 500 registrants and more than 200 attended. Conclusion: webinars do work if the content offers value to the audience.

Content marketing is not about your product or offering, it’s about your customers’ educational needs aligned with your core competence.

I used to call it ‘Knowledge Marketing’ before it was coined as ‘Content Marketing’ and I hope you get the point.  This concept works and it works great!  If you’re a Modern Marketer and not building your marketing strategy around this type of knowledge content, you will lose out to the firms that are using this type of marketing.

I put on seminars for my company where we instruct our customers and prospective customers in better ways to do their jobs aligned with our core competences. We held a seminar yesterday where 38 people spent 5 hours with us in a hotel room discussing our core competence and how we could help them be more efficient and productive.  When the day comes along and they need what we offer, who do you think they will buy from?  Not the competition who is trying to teach webinars and seminars about their product features and benefits.

Think webinars don’t work?  Think again mojambo.  I took our successful seminar content and broke it up into a 5 part webinar series.  This series attracts more than 1000 registrants per webinar.  Next blog we’ll discuss re-purposing content which will make your content marketing life a lot easier.


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