5 Key Success Factors for the Modern Marketer

To summarize, we discussed 5 Key Success Factors for a modern marketer.   Just to clarify, these are not the only KSFs but I suggest they are 5 basic KSFs that every marketer should have on their own list.  What’s that you say, you don’t have your own list of KSFs?  Well then what a great time to start building your list.

KSF 1, Understand the needs, wants and desires of your target market(s).  Be the voice of the customer for your firm.

KSF 2, Understand the real capabilities of your firm.  Dig into the inner workings of your company’s departments like operations, R&D, shipping, manufacturing for example.  Don’t rely on hearsay or on what the executive management says.

KSF 3, Develop and maintain an excellent and complete knowledge of your offering.  Not only will this give you credibility with your key stakeholders, but it is essential in preparing the value proposition and associated messaging.

KSF 4, Alignment between Marketing and Sales.  Firms that achieve the nirvana (or enlightenment) of this alignment will typically outperform those that cannot achieve alignment.

KSF 5, Be intimate with the R&D team.  R&D need your market knowledge and needs to hear the voice of the customer in order to develop the correct competitive offering.


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